MAPL/CMSC 667, Section 0101 - Bo Li

MAPL/CMSC 667: Numerical Analysis (II)

Spring semester, 2001

General Course Information

Prerequisites MAPL/CMSC 666 (Numerical Analysis I).
Textbook J. Stoer and R. Bulirsch, Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 2nd ed., Springer-Verlag, 1993.
Lectures MWF 12:00 -- 12:50, Math 0104.
Instructor Bo Li (Office hours: W 3:30 -- 4:00, F 4:00 -- 5:00; Office: Math 4304; Phone: 405-5088; E-mail:
Grader Omar Lakkis (Office: Math 3306; Phone: 405-5141; E-mail:
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Homework Assigned and graded regularly. Note: no late homework will be accepted except a proved reasonable excuse (such as hospitalization, family emergency, religious observance, court appearance, etc.) is provided and approved.
Exams There will be one midterm and one final, close-book and close-note exams. The final exam will be cumulative.
        Midterm exam: 12:00 -- 12:50, Friday, March 16, Math 0104.
        Final exam: 8:00 -- 10:00, Wednesday, May 23, Math 0104.
Note: neither make-up nor rescheduled exams will be allowed unless a proved written excuse (such as hospitalization, a family emergency, a major religious activity, etc.) is provided.
Grading The final course grade will be determined based on the homework and exams with the following weights: homework -- 30%, midterm exam -- 25%, and final exam -- 45%. The final course grade will be curved.