Math 270C: Numerical Mathematics (Part C) - Bo Li

Spring quarter, 2007

Math 270C: Numerical Mathematics (Part C)

Instructor: Bo Li
Office: AP&M 5723. Office phone: (858) 534-6932. Email:

Syllabus for Qualifying Exam - Math 270C

Polynomial approximation: Weierstrass Theorem and Bernstein's polynomials, best uniform approximations, least-squares approximations, orthogonal polynomials.

Polynomial interpolation: Lagrange interpolation, remainder, Peano kernals, iterated linear interpolation, convergence of Lagrange interpolation polynomials.

Numerical quadrature: degree of precision, method of undetermined coefficients, interpolatory quadrature, Newton-Cotes formulas, Peano kernals, Gaussian quadrature.

Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations: Euler's method, linear multistep methods, one step methods, Runge-Kutta methods.

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