Math 299 - p-adic Hodge Theory I

Course description: This is an introduction to p-adic Hodge theory which describes Galois representations arising geometrically in the cohomology of algebraic varieties. We will introduce Fontaine's p-adic period rings in detail, and discuss the basic hierarchy of representations (crystalline, semistable, de Rham) starting with Hodge-Tate representations. All talks will be given by students.

Organizers: Anne Carter and Claus Sorensen, csorensen [at] ucsd [etcetera]

Meetings: Wed and Fri 12-1 in APM 6402. (First meeting Friday January 8th.)

Notes: Primarily p-Adic Hodge Theory by Brinon and Conrad, available here.

Helpful background on etale cohomology can be found in Milne's notes.

Prerequisites: Local fields, algebraic geometry, group schemes, and the basics of etale cohomology.