Math 220C - Complex Analysis

Welcome to Math 220c!

Course description:

This is the third in a three-sequence graduate course on complex analysis, picking up where Math 220B left off.

Topics include: analytic continuation, sheaves of analytic functions, analytic manifolds (Riemann surfaces), harmonic/subharmonic/superharmonic functions, order of entire functions, the little/big Picard theorem.

Instructor: Dragos Oprea, doprea "at"

Online lectures: WF 11:00-12:20.

Virtual office hours: Wednesday 12:30-1:30.

Teaching Assistant: Nandagopal Ramachandran, naramach "at" ucsd.

Virtual office Hours: Thursday, 5-7pm.

Online teaching:

We will use Zoom for both lectures and virtual office hours. You can access the Zoom Room for this course from Canvas by cliking on "Zoom LTI PRO" at the bottom of the menu on the left. The Zoom Meeting ID is available via Canvas.
The lectures will be given synchronously. Class sessions will be recorded and later made available on Canvas. Sharing the recordings or the links to the recordings with anyone is prohibited.

Textbook: Functions of One Complex Variable, by J. B. Conway.

Additional Reading: Complex Analysis, by Lars Ahlfors.


Math 220 B. However, this is a graduate level course, so at times, we may use notions from related fields, including topology and real analysis. I am happy to discuss prerequisites on an individual basis. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The final grade is based on homework. The problem sets are mandatory and are a very important part of the course.
The problem sets are due on Fridays at 5pm on Gradescope. The grades are recorded in Canvas. Please make sure that your grades are properly recorded.

There are several ways to upload your homework on Gradescope. A possible method is described here.

Qualifying Examination: Wednesday, May 27, 1-4pm.

The exam is open book (Conway)/open notes (from lectures). No outside help (including internet, collaboration, etc) is allowed. The exam will be emailed shortly before 1pm and will also be released on Gradescope. At the end of the 3 hours, you will need to upload the exam on Gradescope. There will be a 15 minute buffer period to allow everybody to upload the exams. In person follow-ups are possible to ensure A.I.

Important dates:

Lecture Summaries


Topics for the Qualifying Exam:

Past Exams

A review sheet for the Qualifying Exam, written by former graduate students. Please use at your own risk, and be advised that some of the topics may be different than what was covered this year.

The lecture on Friday, May 22 will be an improvised Qual Review.

Dragos' Office Hours: Wednesday, May 20, 12:30-1:30 PM.

Nandagopal's Extra Office Hours: Tuesday, May 26, 4-6 PM.