David Quarfoot @ UCSD

Journal Papers

Quarfoot, D. & Levine, R. A. (2016): How Robust Are Multi-Rater Inter-Rater Reliability Indices to Changes in Frequency Distribution?, The American Statistician, DOI: 10.1080/00031305.2016.1141708 Paper

Conference Papers and Presentations

Quarfoot, D., Von Kohorn, D., Slavin, K., Sutherland, R., and Konar, E. (2016). Quadratic Voting in the Wild: Real People, Real Votes. Quadratic Voting and the Public Good. Chicago, IL. Paper Video

Deckard, C., Quarfoot, D., & Csanadi, K. (2014). Analysis of a Short-Term STEM Intervention Targeting Middle School Girls and Their Parents. In Proceedings of the 121st ASEE Conference and Exposition. Indianapolis, IN. Paper

Deckard, C., Quarfoot, D. (2014). Spanish Night: Attitudinal Analysis From a Short-Term STEM Intervention Targeting the Hispanic/Latino Community. California Educational Research Association (CERA) Conference. San Diego, CA. Paper

Other Work

My dissertation, on the nature of mathematical problems, can be found here.