Math 103b Winter 2008


D. Rogalski will have office hours on finals week Monday 3/17 from 10am-12pm.
Andre Harmse will have office hours on finals week Tuesday 3/18 from 9-10am and 12-1pm.

The final exam review is posted on the calendar below. The three essay questions for the exam are on the review sheet. The exam will require you to write either 2 or 3 of these essays (I haven't decided), but you must prepare all three.

Here is the rundown on exactly where to find in the book the topics we have covered in the last few weeks of class.

After Wednesday March 12 we will have pretty much covered everything in Chapter 23, which was the goal of the last few weeks. Feel free to use all of the results proved in the text of that chapter as you work the homework problems, especially the fact that an angle of 20 degrees is not constructible, even though we won't cover that until March 12.

We covered on March 7, in a quick way, Chapter 19, though we didn't talk about subspaces and I didn't prove invariance of basis size (Theorem 19.1).

From Chapters 20-21, we are covering the following (but in a rather different way--- rely on your notes more than the text): Theorem 20.3; Definitions of algebraic and transcendental on page 369; Theorem 21.1 (in part); Definition of degree of an extension on p. 371, and Theorem 21.5.



Name Office E-mail Phone Office Hours Lecture Time Lecture Place
Prof. Daniel Rogalski AP&M 5131 534-4421 M 11am, W 10am MWF 3-3:50pm Solis Hall 110

Teaching Assistant:

Name Office E-mail Office Hours Section Times Section Place
Andre Harmse AP&M 6333 T9-10am, Th12:30-1:30pm Th 3-3:50pm York Hall 4080A


The Course syllabus contains all of the details about grading, course policies, and so on---please read it thoroughly.

Calendar Winter Quarter 2008

Note: The schedule of lectures is approximate and is subject to revision during the term. Chapter numbers refer to Gallian, Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 6th Edition. Lectures without a chapter number involve material not covered in Gallian.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jan 7
Chap 12
  Jan 9
Chap 12-13
Jan 10
Jan 11
Chap 13
Jan 14
Chap 14
  Jan 16
Chap 14
Jan 17
Jan 18
Chap 15
Jan 21
MLK Day (No Class)
  Jan 23
Chap 15-16
Jan 24
Jan 25
Chap 16
Jan 28
Chap 16
  Jan 30
Exam 1
Jan 31
Feb 1
Chap 17
Last Day to Drop w/o 'W'
no homework due
Feb 4
Chap 17
  Feb 6
Chap 17
Feb 7
Feb 8
Chap 18
Feb 11
Chap 18
  Feb 13
Chap 18
Feb 14
Feb 15
Chap 18
No HW Due (HW 5 postponed)
Feb 18
President's Day (No Class)
  Feb 20
Applications of chapter 18 to number theory
Feb 21
Feb 22
Chap 31
Feb 25
Chap 31
  Feb 27
Exam 2
Feb 28
Feb 29
Chap 23
no homework due
Mar 3
Chap 23
  Mar 5
Chap 23
Mar 6
Mar 7
Chap 19
Last Day to drop w/o 'F'
10 Mar 10
Chap 20-21
  Mar 12
Chap 20-21
Mar 13
Mar 14
11     Mar 19
Final Exam