A sample final exam is posted at right. The syllabus that quarter was slightly different, so the mix of topics on our exam may be different.

There will be a review session held by your TA Stephan Weispfenning on Friday Dec. 2, 4-5:50pm in Peterson 104.

Remember that there is a HW9 which you should complete by Friday 12/2 (the last day of the quarter) but you will not hand HW9 in. You will still need to do the problems on HW9 to prepare for the final. Your homework grade will be based on the best 6 of the homeworks 1-8.

Basic course description

Math 109 is an introduction to mathematical proof. It is aimed to introduce students to the mathematics major and prepare them for further upper-division coursework. The text will be Eccles, "An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning".

Please follow the links at the right to read the syllabus and find the homework assignments.

TA and Professor Contact Information

Professor Rogalski: office 5131 AP&M, e-mail

TA#1: Stephan Weispfenning: e-mail

TA#2: Pieter Spaas: e-mail

Tentative schedule of lectures

We plan to cover most of the text. The following is a suggested outline of what we will cover when. It will be updated if things change as we go.