As mentioned in class, the homework schedule for the rest of the quarter will have to be more irregular. We will have 8 homeworks total, with HW5 due on Wed. 11/2, HW6 due on Mon. 11/14, HW7 due on Wed. 11/23 (day before Thanksgiving), and HW8 due on Fri. 12/2 (last day of the quarter).

Basic course description

Math 200a is the first quarter of UCSD's three-quarter graduate-level abstract algebra course. At least one course at the undergraduate level in abstract algebra covering some group and ring theory is a prerequisite. The main aim of the course is to give PhD and masters students in mathematics sufficient background for their further studies, and to prepare these students for the qualifying exam in algebra given in May 2017 and again in September 2017. The text will be Dummit and Foote, "Abstract Algebra", 3rd edition.

Please follow the links at the right to read the syllabus and to find the homework assignments.

TA and Professor Contact Information

Professor Rogalski: office 5131 AP&M, e-mail

TA: Francois Thilmany: e-mail

Schedule of lectures

We plan to cover most of Chapters 1-9 of the text. The following schedule will be updated as we go with information about what we covered on particular days.