Math 200c Spring 2015

Remember that there is no final exam; the grade is based on the best 3/4 homeworks. Have a great summer!



Name Office E-mail Phone Office Hours Lecture Time Lecture Place
Prof. Daniel Rogalski AP&M 5131 534-4421 M 2-3pm, W 2-3pm, or by appt. MWF 1-1:50pm AP&M 5402

Teaching Assistant:

Name Office E-mail Office Hours
Rob Won AP&M 6321 W 11am-12pm, Th 1-2pm

Course Description and Syllabus:

Math 200c is the third quarter of the three-part graduate algebra sequence. In this quarter, we will cover the theory of commutative rings and modules using the text by Atiyah and Macdonald, ``Introduction to Commutative Algebra". This material is helpful background for 2nd-year courses in algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory. The detailed syllabus for the course can be found at the following link. It is important that all students read it since the full course policies may not be gone over in class. Please ask if you have any questions about these policies.

Math 200c Spring 2015 course syllabus

Lecture Summaries