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Homework 0 -- MDTP Diagnostic Testing

Testing URL:  mdtpassessment.ucsd.edu

Test code:  VGN2

Please enter your First Name, Last Name, and student PID (should be the same one as your Ted), then click "Log In".



Wait for the proctor to instruct you to begin the test. Work each problem on scratch paper, and click on the best response from the given choices. For you and your teacher to make the best use of the test results, you should not guess. If you cannot answer a question, leave it blank. If you are spending too much time on a question, skip it. You may return to skipped items at any time during the test.

1. The test is timed and will time out after 60 minutes (this is really important to know). Students should have 60 minutes of un-interrupted time set aside to test since the clock will run and does not stop unless students submit the test.

2. The test is on the honor system. It is important to the diagnostic results that you do not use calculators or other assistance. Please stress that the data is used to help the instructor to provide the best possible support and instruction to students.

3. This is NOT an optional assignment and that all students are expected to participate. Late enrolled students who missed the deadline should send me an email as soon as possible for a makeup chance. Everyone participated in this exam will get FULL points as long as you FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

4. Students who submit their test will not be able to access the test again. If students exit an untimed test without submitting, they will be able to re-enter the test if two hours have not yet passed since they began the test, and the timer will continue to run while they are not testing.

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