Math 20B, Lecture C, Winter 2017

Audio from lectures is recorded, and is available as a podcast.


Name Email (
Tuo Lin tulin
Mingjie Chen mic181
Zhiling Liu zhl385

Office Hours

Day Time Place Instructor
Tuesday 14:00-15:00 AP&M 6414 Mingjie
15:00-16:00 AP&M 5412 Zhiling
Wednesday 9:50-11:00 AP&M 6311 Ed
12:00-13:00 AP&M 5412 Tuo
14:00-15:00 AP&M 6311 Ed

If you are unable to attend one of these, consider going to the Calculus Tutoring Lab or asking a question on the class Piazza forum.

Supplemental Instruction

Our SI leader is Phi-Khanh Nguyen (ptn016). Here is the meeting schedule.


Worksheet 9 Worksheet 9 with Solutions
Worksheet 8 Worksheet 8 with Solutions
Worksheet 7 Worksheet 7 with Solutions
Worksheet 6 Worksheet 6 with Solutions
Worksheet 5 Worksheet 5 with Solutions
Worksheet 4 Worksheet 4 with Solutions
Worksheet 3 Worksheet 3 with Solutions
Worksheet 2 Worksheet 2 with Solutions
Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1 with Solutions

These worksheets are descended from a series of exercises written by Carolyn Abbot and Chris Janjigian. Any errors are my own innovation. They are intended to be somewhat harder on average than the homework and exams.

Course Information

This quarter Math 20B is coordinated, which means that all sections of 20B have the same schedule, the same syllabus, the same homework, and the same exams. All course information is at the unified Math 20B course website.