Acorn and marshmellow in Erdös' paper

Erdös wrote many papers with typical titles like,

"Some problems and results on ......",
"My favorite problems on ......",
"Some old and new problems on ......".

One of such papers, titled "Some of my favorite problems and results" in 1997, was actually written by Ron Graham, as indicated in the acknowledgement of the paper.

Here you can find the original manuscript of this paper (containing the like of "marshmellow" and "acorn"), hand-written by Ron Graham.
Of course, this was done with the consent of Erdös who actually had a big smile when he saw the first draft, realizing such strange words were being put into his mouth.

This is not an unusual practice in the circle of friends. For example, Endre Szemeredi was known to be an genius who just won't write down his results. So his friends came to his help. His most famous papers on the arithmetic progressions and regularity lemma were written by Ron Graham and Vasek Chvatal, as seen in the acknowledgements of some of these papers.