A new book published by AMS

A new book Complex Graphs and Networks coauthored with Lincoln Lu, has just appeared. It is based on ten lectures given at the CBMS Workshop on
"The Combinatorics of Large Sparse Graphs"
San Marcos, California, June 2004.

A book on Erdös' problems in graph theory

A survey article Open problems of Paul Erdös in graph theory has appeared in the Journal of Graph Theory, 25 (1997), 3-36. Based on this article, a book, Erdös on Graphs : His Legacy of Unsolved Problems has been published in January 1998. It was coauthored with Ron Graham and here is the errata .

Lecture notes on Spectral Graph Theory

The book "CBMS Lecture Notes on Spectral Graph Theory" has been published by AMS . A web page about this book is listed at AMS Bookstore . outline and the first chapter can be viewed here. The second printing was published in August 1997.

Can you hear the shape of a graph?
Some examples are given in a neat webpage by Robert Ellis.

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