A message from Brenda Fake, President of FOCWT, to Ashley of La Jolla Light.

Dear Ashley,

Good afternoon, I am following up with you directly from the recent LJ Parks and Beaches Recap in the La Jolla Light. In the past you, your editors, and the La Jolla Light have been kind to write about the Friends of Coast Walk Trail and our efforts to improve safety, maintenance, and access to the Trail.

The purpose of this email is to provide a few additional facts to the neighborhood efforts not covered in the story in hopes you and your editors consider another side of the situation not provided by Melinda Merriweather.
  1. There are four parking spots in the area.
  2. The study that is referred to in the recap is in fact a study that was agreed upon by LJP&B and to the best of my memory the CPA. I have included Patrick Ahern (then President) and Dan Allen (then parking review committee chair) in hopes they have the actual mins. from the meeting this was decided by the public
  3. FOCWT who primary supporters are the residents of Coast Walk Trail have raised the funds to improve the safety and maintenance of the trail to include soil erosion mitigation, bench repair, clean up, signage, landscape, to name a few.
  4. The previous parking places Melinda refers to have not been in place for over 40 years
  5. The bluffs have experienced erosion and are not stable enough to support parking
  6. Any construction or changes that close to the bluff will require Coast Commission approval
These are a few of the facts that led to the LJP&B decision to conduct the proper studies before making a potentially reckless and irresponsible decision. Such a decision would do more harm to public access then the needs of one (Melinda Merriweather) whose intention is blinded by her singular focus to restore parking regardless of the environmental impact and safety to the public.

Ashley, aside from providing additional facts to the Coast Walk Parking we would welcome another article by The La Jolla Light highlighting these facts and others so the broader community can understand the current residents of Coast Walk are not "seeking privacy and had boulders installed and some of the curbs painted red to discourage parking" . That our efforts have in fact helped improve access and safety for the public. What we are discouraging is further damage to "one of the most beautiful views you will ever see in La Jolla" and what we do stand for is responsible environmental stewardship of a community asset we all so dearly enjoy. I encourage any of my fellow FOCWT members to add comment here or if I have missed anything.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at brenda@optimizingorganizations.com

Brenda Fake President, Friends of Coast Walk Trail