Food For Thought Seminar

The primary goal of this seminar is to cover interesting and important ideas and techniques in math in a way that is accessible to a general graduate student audience. We aim to cover topics that either (1) encompass milestones in mathematical thinking, and/or (2) explain the basic ideas and mode of operation of a specific area of math, and/or (3) if no math topic is found, a talk about National Parks is accepted. The flavor of the talks will be idea-oriented rather than definition-theorem-proof oriented, so that the major ideas are conveyed without getting bogged down in technicalities and details. We hope to cover some beautiful and important math in a way that every graduate student can gain from.

Also, we have food for stomach.

Meets: Tuesdays, 1-2pm, AP&M 7421

Date Speaker Title
10/09 Samir Canning Moduli Problems in Algebraic Geometry
10/16 Thomas Grubb Sieving and Smooth Bertini Theorems over Finite Fields
10/23 Pieter Spaas Games, puzzles, and riddles
10/30 Jason O'Neill The epsilon-net method
11/06 Evangelos ''Vaki'' Nikitopoulos Algebratizing Differential Geometry: Linear Differential Operators
11/13 Nandagopal Ramachandran An application of an Ergodic Theorem in Continued Fractions
11/20 Shubham Sinha Journey to the core of partitions!
11/27 Sam Spiro Super Saiyan Permutations
12/04 Oisin Parkinson-Coombs How come hairless apes can do mathematics?

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Pieter Spaas, Eric Lybrand,
Stephan Weispfenning, Renee Mirka,
Jason O'Neill, Thomas Grubb, Eva Loeser.


Want to speak in the seminar? Send us an email with your topic idea!

This event is sponsored by the GSA. Thanks!



Department of Mathematics
University of California San Diego.