Zoom for Thought Seminar

The primary goal of this seminar is to cover interesting and important ideas and techniques in math in a way that is accessible to a general graduate student audience. We aim to cover topics that (1) encompass milestones in mathematical thinking, (2) explain the basic ideas and modes of operation of a specific area of math, and/or (3) describe the merits and shortcomings of the National Parks system (if no math topic is found). The flavor of the talks is idea-oriented rather than definition-theorem-proof-oriented, so that the major ideas are conveyed without bogging down the audience in technicalities and details. We hope to cover some beautiful and important math in a way that every graduate student can benefit from.

In quarters past, this seminar was called Food for Thought because the seminar was held in-person, and the organizers would provide some snacks for everyone to enjoy during the talk. As might be clear from the circumstances and current name, the seminar is online this quarter. We have a 50-minute Zoom talk followed by an informal social at Art of Espresso each week. We provide links for these in our weekly emails, and we upload the talks to our YouTube channel, to which we urge you to subscribe!

Meets: Tuesdays at 2-3pm (Zoom talk) and 3-4pm informal social

Date Speaker Title
09/28 Sam Spiro The Count of Monte Carlo
10/05 Thomas Grubb White box image classification via topological data analysis
10/12 Max Johnson Making Something Out of Nothing: Secondary Operations in Algebra and Homotopy
10/19 Jack Jerry "JJ" Garzella The Arithmetic Direction
10/26 Nathaniel "Tanny" Libman Counterexamples in Topology
11/02 Nicholas Sieger Pseudo-Quasi-Random Boolean Functions
11/09 Nathan Wenger Geometric Constructions Relating to Vector Bundles
11/16 Brian Tran Multisymplectic Variational Integrators for Hamiltonian PDEs
11/30 Shubhankar Sahai An informal introduction to descent
12/07 Evangelos "Vaki" Nikitopoulos Noncommutative Integration

For last quarter's schedule, click here.

Organizers: Vaki Nikitopoulos and Sam Spiro


Want to speak in the seminar? Send us an email with your topic idea!

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Department of Mathematics
University of California San Diego.