Food For Thought Seminar

The primary goal of this seminar is to cover interesting and important ideas and techniques in math in a way that is accessible to a general graduate student audience. We aim to cover topics that either (1) encompass milestones in mathematical thinking, and/or (2) explain the basic ideas and mode of operation of a specific area of math. The flavor of the talks will be idea-oriented rather than definition-theorem-proof oriented, so that the major ideas are conveyed without getting bogged down in technicalities and details. We hope to cover some beautiful and important math in a way that every graduate student can gain from.

Also, we have food for stomach.

Meets: Mondays, 12pm-1pm, AP&M 7421

Date Speaker Title
01/23 Tadashi Tokieda (YouTube video) Toy models
01/30 Sasha Ayvazov Examples in Computational Art
02/06 Pieter Spaas Fun with Logic and Operator Algebras
02/13 Eric Lybrand Deterministic Models for Topoisomerase II: Feeling Knotty!
02/27 Peter Wear Representing integers as the sum of two squares
03/06 Michelle Bodnar A Combinatorialist's Rebuttal
03/13 Francois Thilmany Why last year was not simple, but this year will be

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Daniel Smith, Calum Spicer, Sinan Aksoy, Michelle Bodnar,
Kuang Thamrongpairoj, Stephan Weispfenning, Sasha Ayvazov, Pieter Spaas


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Department of Mathematics
University of California, San Diego.