Partial Differential Equations - Jay P. Fillmore
UC San Diego - Math 132A - Winter 1981

  I. First order PDEs
     - Envelopes of surfaces
     - Method of characteristics - Cauchy
     - Surfaces of revolution
     - Birth-death process
     - Tubular surfaces
     - Solutions as envelopes
     - Lie's picture
     - The Hamilton-Jacobi equation
     - The harmonic oscillator
     - Caustics
     - The eikonal equation
     - Geometric optics

 II. Second order PDEs
     - Characteristics
     - Propagation of singularities
     - Wave fronts and rays
     - The wave equation - dimension one
     - The wave equation - dimensions  n , three, and two
     - Huyghens's Minor Principle

III. Hamilton-Jacobi Theory
     - Calculus of variations - the simplest case
     - Lagrange's equations
     - Hamilton's equations
     - The Hamilton-Jacobi equation
     - Kepler orbits in the plane

 IV. Exams and solutions
     - Midterm
     - solutions: problem 1  problem 2
     - Final
     - solutions: problem 1  problem 2


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