Math 196  —  Fall 2013  —  Student Colloquium

Updated 11/26/13

INSTRUCTOR:   Glenn Tesler, , AP&M 5840, (858) 534-5931.


DESCRIPTION:   This is a series of talks by mathematicians and scientists who use mathematics in their research, designed to provide an entertaining, understandable, and informative introduction to what mathematics is like outside textbooks.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS:   Attendance will be taken at each talk. Registered students may only miss one talk to receive credit.

SCHEDULE:   Talks are scheduled to meet in AP&M B402A, Tuesdays, noon-12:50 p.m. The speaker list may be updated as the quarter progresses.

Oct. 1 Glenn Tesler
Reconstructing the Genomic Architecture of Ancestral Genomes
Oct. 8 Brendon Rhoades
Shoving boxes into corners
Oct. 15 Sophia Zhang
Undergraduate summer research project: The hidden clique problem
Oct. 22 Daniel Rogalski
Quivers and their representations
Oct. 29 Rayan Saab
The cocktail party problem
Nov. 5 John Eggers
The Compensating Polar Planimeter
Nov. 12 Amber Puha (California State University, San Marcos)
The Mathematics of Options Pricing
Nov. 19 Bill Helton
Real Algebraic Geometry in Matrix Variables
Nov. 26 Nolan Wallach
How does your GPS know where you are?
Dec. 3 Jacques Verstraete
Sidon sets