Distribution of Segment Lengths in Genome Rearrangements

The software on this page is for the paper

Glenn Tesler,
Distribution of Segment Lengths in Genome Rearrangements,
(submitted Nov. 9, 2007).

stripcounts.maple (tested on Maple 9.5) implements the formulas and algorithms from the paper, including the enumeration formulas, generating functions, commutative and noncommutative weight generating functions, maps between unsigned and signed graded weight functions, and recursions.

striplist.pl (tested on Perl v5.6.1) lists all unsigned arrangements on n genes and g genomes by brute force. It computes the strip lengths for each and tabulates the results. It also outputs various generating functions in Maple format, which should (and do) agree with the results obtained by the formulas that are implemented in stripcounts.maple.

Input/output/demo files are also included.

Available files    
Last updated: November 9, 2007  
StripLenghts.zip ZIP archive of all files
README Instructions
stripdemo_mws.pdf Sample Maple worksheet

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