Math 120A, Fall 2013

Required Text:
Churchill and Brown Complex Variables (8th edition) (available at UCSD bookstore and other places).
Useful might be: Supplement to M20B Exercises

The final exam will cover all sections and will be worth about 45 %

The midterm exam will cover all sections and will be worth about 30 %

The homework related grade will count about 25%
    a. It will be measured by one or two quizes closely tied to the homework. In addition on quizes there will possibly be a proof. Fair game are proofs I did in class and which are ALSO in the book. (The point is: you need to know well the reason why the main things in the course are true and you must be able to explain it clearly. That is what I expect of your proofs.)
    b. Also Homework will be turned in and graded. We will throw out your lowest score when computing the total.

is the center of the course. You can find your assignments by clicking HmWk on the left of the screen. See announcements for due dates.
Advice you already follow is: Try to do the homework well in advance of the due date. There will surely be some challenging problems, so you want to find them early in the week so you have several days to think about them.

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