Math 120B, Spring 2015

Required Text:
Churchill and Brown Complex Variables (9th edition) (available at UCSD bookstore and other places).

Recommended Text:
Laplace Transforms by Spiegel. It is a part of the Schaum's Outline Series and is cheap.

The final exam will cover all sections and will be worth 45 % You must pass the final to pass the course.
The midterm exam will cover all sections and will be worth 20 %
The homework related grade will count 35%
    a. It will be measured by one or two quizes closely tied to the homework.

    b. Homework turned in and graded.

is the center of the course. You can find your assignments by clicking Assignments on the left of the screen. See announcements for due dates. Please start each section in the HW on a separate page. My advice is to do even more than that and start on a new page often. This allows you to do the easy problems first and spend the rest of the week thinking about the hard problems. That is the way you get better at problem solving.

Some of the course does not correspond to a text book. Many of you are not accoustomed to learning in such an environment although thruought the rest of your life that might well be the most common situation where you find yourself. Be absolutely sure you come to class when new topics are presented, take notes like mad and compare your notes to a friends notes to obtain a coherent view of the material. Also you are encouraged to see the instructor.

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