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Math 20C, Winter 2013

Instructor: J. William Helton
Office: AP&M 6161
                 Office Hours: After class   M and F at the classroom Pepper Canyon 109,   and  
  or by appointment in APM 6161

TA: Liyu Qin       C01, C02
Office: AP&M 5412   
Office hours: Tues 10 am     10-11.30 Thurs

eeeMaaail is:   l1qinATucsd
DOT edu

TA: Corey Stone       C03, C04, C05, C06
Office: AP&M 6414   
Office hours: 3-4 MW, and from 12-2 on Thursday, with the Thursday office hours being in the Calculus lab.

eeeMaaail is:   cdstoneATucsd
DOT edu