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Math 20D Introduction to Differential Equations
Lecture B Spring 2011 Course Syllabus

Credit Hours:  4       Prerequisite:  Math 20C (or Math 21C) with a grade of C- or better

Catalog Description: Ordinary differential equations: exact, separable, and linear; constant coefficients, undetermined coefficients. Variations of parameters. Series solutions. Systems. Laplace transforms. Techniques for engineering. Computing symbolic and graphical solutions using Matlab.

Textbook:  Elementary Differential Equations, ninth edition, by William E. Boyce & Richard C. DiPrima; published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 2009

Subject Material:  We shall cover parts of Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 of Boyce & DiPrima.

Reading:  Reading the sections of the textbook corresponding to the assigned homework exercises is considered part of the homework assignment; you are responsible for material in the assigned reading whether or not it is discussed in the lecture.  It will be expected that you read the assigned material in advance of each lecture.

Calculators:  Calculator use will not be permitted on exams. Graphing calculators (such as the TI-86 or TI-89) may prove useful in checking solutions to some of the homework problems, but they are not required for the course.

Homework:  Homework problems will be assigned on the course homework page, and are due by 5pm on the indicated due date in the homework drop box for your section. You may work together with your classmates on your homework and/or ask the instructors, the TAs, or tutors in the calculus lab for help on assigned homework problems. However, the work you turn in should be your own. Your homework grade will be based on the best five (5) of seven (7) homework assignments.  No late homework assignments will be accepted. Please adhere to the following neatness guidelines for homework that you turn in to be graded; homework not conforming to these guidelines may not receive full credit and may not be graded at all.

  1. Use clean paper (graphed or lined is okay) that is not torn from a spiral notebook.
  2. Write your name, ID number, and section clearly on the front page of your completed assignment.
  3. Start the problems coming from each section at the top of a sheet of paper
  4. Clearly number each solution and present them in numerical order.
  5. Leave at least one line of space between each problem.
  6. Write clearly and legibly.

MATLAB Lab Assignments:  Math 20D has a computational component based on MATLAB.   There will be four (4) MATLAB assignments which will be due as announced on the MATLAB Assignment Due Dates page, and a MATLAB final quiz. . page.   The MATLAB assignments may be found on the MATLAB assignment page.  Your MATLAB lab assignment grade will be based on the best three (3) of four (4) MATLAB lab assignments and the MATLAB final quiz.  No late MATLAB lab assignments will be accepted.

Midterm Exams:  There will be two midterm exams given during the regular lecture hour on Monday;   see the course calendar for the specific dates.    There will be no makeup exams.   You may bring one 8.5 by 11 inch handwritten sheet of notes with you to each midterm exam. No calculators will be allowed during the midterm exams.

Final Examination:  The final examination will be held at the following time.

Regrades:  Midterm exams will be returned in the discussion sections. If you wish to have your exam regraded, you must observe the following rules:

Grading: Your course grade will be determined by your cumulative average at the end of the term. Your cumulative average will be:

In addition,  you must pass the final examination in order to pass the course. Note: Since there are no makeup exams, if you miss an exam for any allowed and documented reason (eg. medical) then your course grade will be computed with the final exam counting 60% of your weighted average.

Academic Dishonesty:  Academic dishonesty is considered a serious offense at UCSD. Students caught cheating will face an administrative sanction which may include suspension or expulsion from the university. It is in your best interest to maintain your integrity.

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