Hassan Jolany

Contact Info:

Office: AP&M 7450
Phone: (619) 737-6911



leave UCSD in mid of Dec 2016

Mathematics Department
University of California, San Diego.


My research interests lie in Analytical Algebraic Geometry, Geometric Analysis, and Kähler Geometry.
Currently I am mainly interested in Analytical Minimal Model Program and Positivity theory in Algebraic Geometry.
If you are interested in Kähler Ricci flow, Symplectic geometry, Weil-Petersson geometry, canonical metrics in Kähler geometry, feel free contact me or drop by my office

I received my Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from Universite Lille1 in France in 10 June 2016 with degree high honorable. I received my Master degree in Pure Mathematics from Aix-Marseille University (France) in 2012. I was post-master(prepration for PhD program) in University of Angers(France) for academic year 2012-2013.I visited Princeton University in 2015.

This is some of my publications


In the Fall of 2016 I am teaching MATH 10C - Calculus III and MATH 20B-Calculus for Science and Engineering II.

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Alexander Grothendieck: said (see the video in time 23:05)"Aux États-Unis, on doit fabriquer chaque année quelque chose comme 1000 ou 1500 thèses rien qu’en mathématiques et le nombre de débouchés est à peu près de l’ordre du tiers de cela".

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