MATH 251, Lie Groups, Winter 2009:

Office hours:: MW 2-3 and by appointment (justs talk to me after class or email me)

Office: APM 5256, tel. 534-2734


Some books related to the course:

Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, And Their Representations / V.S. Varadarajan QA387 .V35 1984

Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, And Representations : An Elementary Introduction /Brian C. Hall S&E; S&E Books ; QA387 .H34 2003 ;

Representations Of Compact Lie Groups / Theodor Broecker, Tammo Tom Dieck

Symmetry Groups and Their applications / Miller, W

Foundations Of Differentiable Manifolds And Lie Groups / Frank W. Warner (more on the geometric side)

Lecture notes from a related course

Below are some notes for certain topics of the course

Exponential map for matrix Lie groups

Matrix Lie groups are Lie groups

basic properties of tori

Here are some problems and remarks concerning this course:

Problems related to exponential map