Introduction to Number Theory, Math 104, Spring quarter 2006:

Course material: We continue using the book `Number theory with computer applications' by Kumanduri and Romero.

Office hours: M4-5 and by appointment (just talk to me after class

Office: APM 5256, tel. 534-2734

Teaching assistant: Jake Wildstrom, office APM 5301

Homework assignments: The exam problems will be similar to homework problems. So doing the homework problems is part of your preparation for exams, and is far more important than the 20% what they count for the grade. Homework is to be turned in on Mondays.

for 4/10: handout: 43.4(b),(c), 44.1(last one need not be turned in)

for 4/17: book: p. 330: 5, 11

for 4/24: book: p. 362: 19, p. 368: 7, 8,

for 5/1: book: p374: 5 (omega(n)=number of prime factors of n), p 379: 6, 7

for 5/8: book: p.388: 3 (try at least until (d) - you are welcome to ask questions)

for 5/15: book, p. 392: 4, p. 397: 4

for 6/5: book, p. 446: 6(a) (see example 18.1.10 and the text above it), 7