Iacopo Brivio

UC San Diego - Department of Mathematics
John Muir College
9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92093
Office: AP&M 2230
Email: ibrivio(at)ucsd.edu
Phone: +1 858 999 6073

About me

Research Interests: Birational geometry of higher dimensional algebraic varieties.
Deformation invariance of plurigenera in positive and mixed characteristics.
Structure of log-CY fibrations and their families.

Current position: I am a fifth year PhD student at UC San Diego. My advisor is James McKernan. Here is my CV.

Research works

In preparation


Fall 2019

TA for Math106
Discussion sections: W 6-7PM in AP&M 6402
Office hours: F 10-12PM in AP&M 2230

TA for Math103A
Discussion sections: W 7-8PM in AP&M 5402
Office hours: W 4-6PM in AP&M 2230

Algebraic geometry seminar: Click here for a list of upcoming and past talks in the algebraic geometry seminar at UCSD.