Here is a python script for compiling rosters of students based on seating for the exam. In order to run it, you will need python as well as the following libraries: requests, bs4, and lxml. If I have time in the future I will write instructions on how to install these, but for now, you'll need to do your own googling. (Python has a package-manager called pip, which is a good place to start; if you manage to get it installed, you can likely install all of those libraries by running pip install --user requests bs4 lxml.)

The script should be invoked by python ASSIGNEDSEATSFILE. ASSIGNEDSEATSFILE should be a CSV file like what you download from TritonEd; the first four columns should be last name, first name, username, and student id; by default, the fifth column should be seat assignment in the format C-N where C is a letter and N a number representing the seat. You can use the -c option to change which column is checked for seat assignments. The first row is assumed to be column headers and is ignored.

When the script is run, it produces a webpage index.html with a photo roster in it, organized by seat assigned; open this with your browser, and it should look something like this. The images themselves are stored in the directory img/, which is created if necessary. It also produces a file roster.txt which lists seat assignment, sorted by student last name; this one is useful for helping students who have forgotten their seat assignment.