Marquis (Jue) Hou

(Commencement at UIUC 2013 shot by aliao)


¡­ the triumph of my art is in thoroughly examining whether the thought

which the mind of the young man brings forth is a false idol or a noble and true birth.

---- Socrates in Plato¡¯s Theatetus


I am a 3rd year graduate student in the Statistics PhD program. I am now working on survival analysis with Prof. Ronghui Xu. My research interest lies in statistical modeling and theory rising from the motivation of medical application.



-         Office: SDSCC 106E

-         Email:

-         Phone: 217-377-8559

Teaching Assistant:

-         2015 Winter: Math 181A

-         2015 Spring: Math 181B

-         2015 Fall: Math 102

-         2016 Winter: Math 183

-         2016 Spring: Math 181B

-         2016 Fall: Math 181B

-         2017 Winter: MGTF 413


-         Subgroup Identification in Personalized Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

-         A Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Approach for Partially Observed Cured Data with Left Truncation and Right-Censoring

R ¡°Packages¡±:

-         cureph: logistic-Cox mixture cure-rate model

Study Group:

-         2015 Spring: Empirical Process


-         UC San Diego beamer template


Life beyond Academia:

-         Classics: Latin, Greek, Philosophy, Theology

-         Sport: Soccer, Swimming

-         Art and Music: Calligraphy, Violin, Shakespeare, Musicals

Education is something more than job training or political propaganda. For those who seek the same goal, I am willing to share my knowledge and experience.