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James Hall

Postdoctoral Scholar

University of California, San Diego

Office: APM 5824



About Me

Hello, and welcome to my homepage. I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California San Diego. I recieved my PhD in Mathematics with a specialization in Computational Science and Mathematical Engineering (CSME) in June of 2013. While I work in the field of Computational Mechanics, and specifically on geometric numerical methods, I have broad research interests in Numerical Analysis and Computational Science.


Generally, my research falls in the field of Computational Mechanics. I work on developing accurate, robust and efficient numerical methods for simulating mechanical systems with scientific and engineering applications. Specifically, I specialize in structure preserving numerical methods, particularly symplectic methods and high order variational integrators.


One of the best parts about being part of a mathematics group at a university is that I get the chance to share the beauty and elegance of mathematics with many students. I have had the pleasure as serving as a teaching assistant throughout my time at UCSD, and I am currently teaching MATH-20A. A link to the course website can be found here.

Theses and Publications

  1. Lie Group Spectral Variational Integrators (In preparation)
  2. PhD Thesis: Convergence of Galerkin Variational Integrators for Vector Spaces and Lie Groups, University of California, San Diego, 2013
  3. Spectral Variational Integrators (In revision, August 2013), James Hall and Melvin Leok, [arXiv Entry: 1121.4535]
  4. Masters Thesis: Wavelets for Road Surface Classification, Oxford University, 2008
  5. Rapid Cost Assessment of Space Mission Concepts through Application of Complexity-Based Cost Indices, C. Peterson, J. Cutts, T. Balint, J.B. Hall, Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2008

(Selected) Talks

  1. Lie Group Galerkin Variational Integrators, Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquium, February 2013
  2. Spectral Variational Integrators, 7th International Young Researchers Workshop on Geometry, Mechanics, and Control, December 2012


Professional Experience