Johanna Hennig

Research Interests

Main: Abstract algebra and representation theory: nonassociative algebras; infinite dimensional Lie algebras and superalgebras; locally finite dimensional Lie algebras.

Other topics which interest me include: Noncommutative algebra, noncommutative geometry, geometric representation theory.


(1) "Simple, locally finite dimensional Lie algebras in positive characteristic"

Journal of Algebra, 413 (2014) 270-288.

(2) "A Generalization of Lie’s Theorem"

Communications in Algebra, 42, Issue 10 (2014) 4269-4273.

(3) "Presentations for the Higher Dimensional Thompsons groups nV", with F. Matucci

Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 257, No. 1 (2012) 53-74.

(4) "The Column Group and Its Link Invariants", with S. Nelson

Journal Knot Theory Ramifications, 21 (2012) no. 7.