Jason O'Neill

Email: jmoneill "at"
Office: AP&M 6436B
Office Hours: Tuesday 3 PM-4 PM; Thursday 4 PM-6 PM

I am a second year math PhD student at UCSD. My research interests are in combinatorics and probability and in particular both
Extremal set theory and Random Matrix theory. I am currently reading with Jacques Verstraete and Jonathan Novak. Before I was
at UCSD, I did my undergrad at UCLA and graduated in 2017.

Along with Sam Spiro, I organize the Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar (GSCS) at UCSD. For more info, see (here).

Papers and preprints:

Research Talks and Poster Sessions:


For the Fall 2018 Quarter, I will be TAing Math 109. My office hours are Tuesday 3-4 PM and Thursday 4-6 PM. In the past, I have been a teaching assistant in the following courses. (n/a indicates that there were not enough evaluations submitted to release the results. This is done to protect the anonymity of the students. )

While I was in undergrad at UCLA, I served as an assistant instructor at the Los Angeles Math Circle where I worked with children from 6th to 9th grade. Read more about LAMC (here).


Outside of math, I like to run and play and watch basketball. I also currently serve as a representative for the math department
in the Graduate Student Association. For more info on this, see (here).