UCSD Probability Seminar, 2013-2014

The Probability Seminar is held on Thursdays from 10:00-10:50 AM in AP&M (Applied Physics and Mathematics) 6402. If you have questions, please contact the seminar organizer Jason Schweinsberg at jschwein@math.ucsd.edu.

Fall 2013

October 3: Jason Schweinsberg (UCSD)
Title: Critical branching Brownian motion with absorption. Abstract

October 31: Amber Puha (Cal State San Marcos, visiting UCSD)
Title: Performance Analysis of Shortest Remaining Processing Time Queues Abstract

December 5: Manuel Lladser (University of Colorado, visiting USC)
Title: Breaking the memory of a Markov chain Abstract

Winter 2014

January 16: Jasmine Foo (University of Minnesota)
Title: A mathematical model of the cancer field effect Abstract

February 13: Badal Joshi (Cal State San Marcos)
Title: Detailed Balance in models arising from chemical reaction networks Abstract

February 27: Mike Cranston (University of California, Irvine)
Title: Self-adjoint extensions, point potentials, and pinned polymers Abstract

Spring 2014

April 3: Guillaume Cebron (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) [Note: this talk will be held in AP&M 6218]
Title: Lévy processes on the unitary group in large dimension Abstract

May 1: Nike Sun (Stanford University)
Title: Maximum independent sets in random d-regular graphs Abstract

May 22: Shishi Luo (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Title: A Fleming-Viot process for multiscale evolutionary dynamics Abstract

May 29: Hoi Nguyen (Ohio State University)
Title: On real roots of random Bernoulli polynomials Abstract