Xin Liu (Clemson University)

Title: Diffusion approximations for double-ended queues

Abstract: We study a double-ended queue where buyers and sellers arrive to conduct trades. When there is a pair of buyer and seller in the system, they immediately transact a trade and leave. Thus there cannot be non-zero number of buyers and sellers simultaneously in the system. We assume that sellers and buyers arrive at the system according to independent renewal processes, and they would leave the system after independent exponential patience times. We establish fluid and diffusion approximations for the queue length process under a suitable asymptotic regime. The fluid limit is the solution of an ordinary differential equation, and the diffusion limit is a time-inhomogeneous asymmetric Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process (O-U process). A heavy traffic analysis is also developed, and the diffusion limit in the stronger heavy traffic regime is a time-homogeneous asymmetric O-U process. The limiting distributions of both diffusion limits are obtained. We also show the interchange of the heavy traffic and steady state limits.