Photograph: Windansea Beach by JV
UCSD Combinatorics Seminar
Organizers : Brendon Rhoades and Jacques Verstraete


The combinatorics seminar is typically held at 4pm on Tuesdays unless otherwise stated during the academic quarter, in seminar room 7421, unless otherwise stated. The seminar covers all areas of combinatorics. For further information, email Brendon at bprhoades (at) and Jacques at jacques (at) ucsd dot edu. For those speakers which have a webpage, clicking on their name will lead you there. Abstracts are linked as pdf files as they become available.

» October 3rd Andrzej Dudek Title : Ramsey properties of random graphs and hypergraphs Abstract
» October 10th Craig Timmons Title : Error-Correcting Codes from Finite Geometries Abstract
» October 17th Ian Charlesworth Title : Combinatorics in Free Probability Abstract
» October 24th Jeroen Schillewaert Title : Small maximal independent sets Abstract
» October 31st Gabriel Frieden Title : Promotion and geometric lifting Abstract
» November 7th Andrew Suk Title : Ramsey Numbers : Combinatorial and Geometric Abstract
» November 21st Pawel Pralat Title : Perfect matchings and Hamiltonian cycles in the preferential attachment model Abstract
» December 5th Brendon Rhoades Title : The algebra and geometry of ordered set partitions Abstract
» January 9 at 10am in APM 6402Jang Soo Kim Title : Hook length property of d-complete posets via q-integrals Abstract
» January 9 at 11am in APM 6402Soichi Okada Title : Simplectic Q-functions Abstract
» January 12 at 3pm in APM 6402Radoslav Fulek Title : The Z2 genus of Kuratowski minors Abstract
» February 13 at 2pm in APM 7421Andre Kundgen Title : Nonrepetitive Graph Coloring Abstract
» February 27Dhruv Mubayi Title : Multicolor Sunflowers Abstract
» March 13Gene Kim Title : Distribution of descents in matchings and derangements Abstract
» March 29 4pm, APM 2402Penny Haxell Title : Topological connectedness in combinatorics Abstract
» April 3 9am, Halkin RoomYan Zhuang Title : Shuffle-Compatible Permutation Statistics Abstract
» May 15Josh Zahl Title : Breaking the 3/2 barrier for unit distances in three dimensions Abstract
» May 17 3pm APM 6218Mike Tait Title : On the Turán number of theta graphs Abstract