Automated Simplification and Deduction for Engineering Formulas
Proceedings of 1995 FORML Conference, (1996), 64-78.

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This paper is directed at specialists in the Forth language. The purpose of this paper is to present a summary of an application of Forth to a project in computer algebra - with particular emphasis on how the language was used.

1.     Gröbner Bases and Simplification
This section provides a good simple outline of the Gröbner technology from the point of view of polynomials and ideals. (The research system implements the Gröbner Technology using polynomials so this is the best quick introduction to this.)
2.    The Research System
The research for this project was performed on a Forth-based software system designed for the project. The second part of the paper discusses how features of Forth were used to create the system used in the non-commutative Gröbner Basis project