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Notes from weeks 0 and 1

A link to the key vocabulary terms from the entire course, organized by section


As outlined in the syllabus, homework is assigned through MyMathLab. Typically, homework will be due on Thursdays at 11:59pm. If you need to complete homework after the deadline, you can do so for up to one week. There is a late penalty of 50% for problems submitted late. There is a 14 day free trial period for MyMathLab, so you can complete the first homework assignments without purchasing a code, although you will eventually need to purchase an access code either from the bookstore or directly from MyMathLab.


My office hours will be MWF from 9 - 10 in AP&M 6333. You are welcome to come ask specific math questions, general questions about the course, or just work on your homework. Once your TAs have been assigned, I will include their office hours here.


You can find announcements, exam practice, problem solutions, and more on Canvas.

Tutoring: Teaching and Learning Commons tutoring schedule

Study Groups: Math 18 study group leader: Ibrahim Hajar,
Study group schedule: Friday, 12:30p-1:50p in TLC 1505