Please check Canvas for the most up-to date course information. Please check the syllabus for information on grading, exam dates, and more logisitic information.




My office hours will be Monday and Wednesday from 10 - 11 in AP&M 6333. You are welcome to come ask specific math questions, general questions about the course, or just work on your homework.
Our TA is Nandagopal Ramachandran. His email can be found on the syllabus, and his office hours will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 11 - 12 in AP&M 5748.


Monday, January 6: Worksheet on Symmetries and Solutions
Wednesday, January 8: Binary Operations
Friday, January 10: Isomorphic Binary Structures
Monday, January 13: Groups
Wednesday, January 15: Worksheet on Groups and Solutions
Friday, January 17: Subgroups
Monday, January 20: No class: Martin Luther King Jr Day
Wednesday, January 22: Cyclic Groups
Friday, January 24: Cyclic Groups
Monday, January 27: Midterm 1 Review and Solutions
Wednesday, January 29: Midterm 1 and Solutions
Friday, January 31: Worksheet on Symmetric Groups and Solutions
Monday, February 3: Symmetric Groups
Wednesday, February 5: Cayley's Theorem, Cycles, and Alternating Groups
Friday, February 7: Cycles and Alternating Groups
Monday, February 10: Alternating Groups and Cosets and Worksheet on Cosets and Solutions
Wednesday, February 12: Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem
Friday, February 14: Corollaries of Lagrange's Theorem
Monday, February 17: No class: Presidents Day
Wednesday, February 19: Midterm 2 Review and Solutions
Friday, February 21: Midterm 2 and Solutions
Monday, February 24: Direct Products
Wednesday, February 26: Homomorphisms and Worksheet on Homomorphisms and Solutions
Friday, February 28: Quotient Groups
Monday, March 2: Quotient Groups
Wednesday, March 4: Quotient Groups and Simple Groups
Friday, March 6: Worksheet on Quotient Groups and Solutions
Monday, March 9: Group Actions
Wednesday, March 11: Applications
Friday, March 13: Final Review and Solutions


The first exam will be on Wednesday, January 29, in class. You may have one single-sided handwritten notesheet. You do not need a blue book.
Practice Exam 1: solutions will be covered in class on Monday, January 27.
The second exam will be on Friday, February 21, in class. You may have one single-sided handwritten notesheet. You do not need a blue book.
Practice Exam 2: solutions will be covered in class on Wednesday, February 19.
The final exam will be on Wednesday, March 18, from 8 - 11 AM. Because of COVID-19, the final will be given virtually. I will upload a copy of the exam to Canvas by 7:45 and you are free to start work on it as soon as it is uploaded. The exam will be open book and open notes. You must use your own paper and scan or photograph your exam upon completion and upload it to Gradescope by 11:15 am. Please check Canvas for more information.
Final Review and Solutions.


Homework will typically be due on Thursdays by 4 pm, with the exception of Homework 2 (due Tuesday before the first midterm), to the appropriate box in the basement of AP&M. Late homework will not be accepted. Your lowest homework score will be dropped. Your homework score will be a combination of completeness (completing every assigned problem) and correctness (certain problems will be graded in detail). Because you will not receive feedback on every problem assigned, it is up to you to make sure you understand how to do them. You are encouraged to work on your homework with others but you must write up your solutions on your own. Your homework can be handwritten or typed.

Homework 1, due January 16, and Solutions
Homework 2, due January 28, and Solutions
Homework 3, due February 13, and Solutions
Homework 4, due February 20, and Solutions
Homework 5, due March 5, and Solutions
Homework 6, due March 12, and Solutions