About me:

Man-Wai (Mandy) Cheung

  PhD Adviser: Mark Gross
  Current position:
      • Member, Institute for Advanced Study
  Research Interest: Algebraic Geometry, Mirror Symmetry, Cluster Algebra, Representation Theory
  Contact me: mwc31@cam.ac.uk
  Curriculum Vitae
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  • Ph.D thesis: Tropical techniques in cluster theory and enumerative geometry
  • (joint with Mark Gross, Greg Muller, Gregg Musiker, Dylan Rupel, Salvature Stella, Harold Williams)The greedy basis equals the theta basis arXiv:1508.01404
  • (joint with Lorenzo Fantini, Jennifer Park, Martin Ulirsch) Faithful Realizability of Tropical Curves arXiv:1410.4152 (To appear in International Mathematics Research Notices)
  • (joint with Christian Ikenmeyer, Sevak Mrchtkyan) Symmetrizing Tableaux and the 5th case of the Foulkes Conjecture (arXiv:1509.03944)
  • (joint with Nolan Wallach) Ricci flow and curvature on the variety of flags on the two dimensional projective space over the complexes, quaternions and the octonions - arXiv:1206.2596 (Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 143 (2015), 369-378)
  • (under supervision of Jing-Song Huang) The model orbit in G_2 - Master thesis
      We decompose the ring of regular functions on the nilpotent orbit of dimension 8 for the complex G2 in which every irreducible representation of G2 appears exactly once. This confirms the predication of McGovern and we have shown that his proposed representation attaching to this orbit is unitarizable.