Math 11, Computer Lab Assignments, Fall 2017

You will complete Math 11 computer lab assignments using the statistical software Minitab. These labs will serve two main purposes. The first is to reinforce your understanding of the concepts taught in the course. The second is to give you some experience in using statistical software to analyze data.

Remember that you must follow the Academic Integrity Policy when working on the labs.

Lab Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 8 computer lab assignments. Labs must be submitted electronically before 9:00 PM on the due date.
Note: as long as you are using Minitab, you may ignore the instructions in red, which are for people using Minitab Express (the Macintosh version of the software).

Lab 1 [10 points, due Wednesday, October 4]: Fish in Finland (Displaying and describing data graphically)
Lab 2 [15 points, due Wednesday, October 11]: Comparing the 50 states (Summary statistics and regression)
Lab 3 [15 points, due Wednesday, October 18]: Metabolic rates in mammals (Regression and transformations)
Lab 4 [15 points, due Wednesday, November 1]: Simulating Bernoulli trials
Lab 5 [15 points, due Wednesday, November 8]: Birth times and birth weights (Probability distributions)
Lab 6 [15 points, due Wednesday, November 15]: Sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem
Lab 7 [15 points, due Wednesday, November 29]: SAT scores and cloud seeding (Hypothesis testing)
Lab 8 [15 points, due Wednesday, December 6]: Predicting children's growth (Regression inference)

Guidelines for Lab Write-ups

Instructions for Turning in Labs

Your Math 11L computer lab assignments should be submitted using TritonEd, as described below. Please submit your document as a .pdf file. We also accept .docx files. However, because there are occasionally formatting problems with .docx files, you are strongly encouraged to convert .docx files to .pdf format before submitting. Once your lab has been graded, you can find your grade in TritonEd by selecting "My Grades". To see the feedback you got from the lab grader, click on the oval beside your grade.
Any questions about the grading of your lab should be directed to the head lab TA, Selene Xu (

Access to Minitab

You have the following options for obtaining access to the Minitab software, which you will need to complete the lab assignments:

Using the ACMS Labs