Michelle Bodnar

mbodnar at math dot ucsd dot edu
Office: APM 6434

A copy of my CV can be found here.


My research is in rational catalan theory and the cyclic sieving phenomenon and my advisor is Brendon Rhoades.


I'm currently the senior TA for UCSD's math department.

During summer 2016 I was an Associate Instructor for Math 20C in Summer Session II.

I taught an algorithms mini-course at Canada/USA Mathcamp during the summer of 2015. Homework sets and solutions can be found here .



About Me

I'm a fifth year PhD student in combinatorics at UCSD. In my spare time I've been working on solving all the even problems in Introduction to Algorithms, better known as CLRS, with my delightful coauthor Andrew Lohr, who worked on the odd problems. A complete set of solutions can be found here. I also enjoy playing the flute and drawing chalk dots.