Math 20C

Summer II 2016


  • Congratulations! You've completed Math 20C! I'll send an email when final grades have been submitted (no later than Tuesday), and will explain any curve at that time. Please hold all questions regarding grades until then.
  • Solutions to the final exam, without work shown.

Instructor: Michelle Bodnar

  • Email:
  • Office: AP&M 6434
  • Office Hours: Mon 1-3pm, Wed 2-4pm


  • MWF 11:00am - 12:50pm
  • CENTER 109

Teaching Assistant: Kuang Sittipong Thamrongpairoj

  • Email:
  • Office: 6434 AP&M (Different from where office hours are held)
  • Office Hours: Thurs 12-2pm in 5829 AP&M, Fri 9-11am in B412 AP&M
  • Sections:
    • A02 9:00-9:50am B412 AP&M
    • A03 10:00-10:50am B412 AP&M

Teaching Assistant: Pieter Spaas

  • Email:
  • Office: 6446 AP&M
  • Office Hours: Tues 1-3pm
  • Sections:
    • A04 11:00-11:50am B412 AP&M