Problem Set 7

April 14,2009

Problem set 7 is now due on Thursday, April 16. Note that in the bonus question, it is sufficient to prove that there is some function φ such that for each constant c, there is a family of strings x,y such that C(φ (x,y) ) > C(x) + C(y|x) + c.

Grades posted on Stellar

March 31,2009

I have posted all the grades that have been given in the course so far on Stellar.

Updated syllabus

March 11,2009

The page numbers and topics for the presentations for the rest of the semester have been updated on the calendar page. Please make sure you know which material you are responsible for presenting; as always, feel free to clarify with me.

Workshop on Presentations

March 5,2009

Susan Ruff was gracious enough to compile some of the points that were raised at today's workshop.

What about the presentations that you've seen has been most helpful to your learning?
  • Lucid explanation of difficult concepts from the text; presenter explained how they understood the concepts, explained possibly confusing ideas and go to the essence of a theorem
  • Emphasizing important details, analogies, intuitive explanations, and examples, especially those with graphs when graphs are logical
  • Clear boardwork: neatly written, theorems & definitions clearly visible, logical progression of content.
  • Signposting.
  • Pacing: The material requires that we allow it to sink in a bit so it's good to have well-paced presentations with a lot of repetition.

What advice do you have, for yourself and your classmates, for preparing good presentations?
  • Practice, practice, practice! (In particular, practice in front of somebody and with a whiteboard/blackboard.)
  • Work through proofs and understand them.
  • It's better to say too much than too little in a lecture-style presentation when you actually want to teach material. (i.e., explanation and repetition, rather than going into excessive detail) BUT, don't spend too much time on trivia, technicalities.
  • Vary tone of voice. Talk at a reasonable speed.
  • Know how your timing should be going.
  • Don't be afraid of the audience; be self-confident; don't apologize.
  • Practice for real with a board.

Syllabus Change

February 23,2009

I have made some adjustments in the presentation schedule on the calendar page. Please make sure you know which material you are responsible for presenting; as always, feel free to clarify with me.


February 13,2009

Solutions to the first problem set have been posted on the handouts page, as well as the assignment sheet for problem set 2. Remember that due to Presidents' Day, there will be no class meeting on Tuesday February 17.

First problem set

February 9,2009

Keep in mind that the first problem set is due Thursday, February 12 in class. The problem set can be found on the handouts page. I will be holding office hours Wednesday, February 11 5:30pm-6:30pm in 2-172. You may also ask me questions or schedule an appointment by email.


January 26,2009

Welcome to the seminar in mathematical logic. This webpage will be your main source of information for this course. It will be updated frequently with announcements and assignments, so check back often. The course introduction handout is here.

  • Course, textbook, and grading information may be found on the syllabus page.
  • The reading assignments and lecture schedule are located on the calendar page.
  • The problem sets, their solutions, and all other handouts are listed on the handouts page. The .tex files are provided for all handouts as samples for using LaTeX.
  • Information about the final project and a list of suggested topics are on the final project page.
  • Handouts and links about mathematical writing and presentations (including references for LaTeX, slides, and beamer) are on the resources page.

Instructor: Mia Minnes

Office: 2-172
Office Hours: Tuesday 4pm-5:30pm


TR 1:00pm - 2:30pm 2-255
Note new room!