Final Exam Announcements

November 30, 2012

The Final Exam is on Friday, December 14, 8am-11am in AP& M B412 (the usual lecture room). The exam will be cumulative and will cover all lecture material, as well as assigned and recommended homework problems. Please make sure to bring a Blue Book to the exam. The exam is closed-book. Practice questions for the exam are posted below.

Midterm Exam Corrections

November 14, 2012

As announced in class, you are encouraged to write up corrections for the midterm exam on unused pages of your Blue Books (please do NOT change or erase any of your graded work from the exam). Corrections submitted in class by Monday November 19 will be graded and can contribute up to 50% of your missed points in the midterm exam. Corrections should include observations about where you made a mistake as well as a complete solution.


October 29, 2012

  • The midterm exam is Friday, November 9, in class. Practice questions are posted below.
  • There will be no lecture on Monday, November 12, due to a university holiday.
  • Homework 4 is due the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 21. Due to construction in the basement of AP& M, the homework drop-off box will not be accessible that day. Please hand in HW4 to Jay's office, AP& M 6436 by 4pm on the due date.


Sep 7, 2012

Welcome to MATH 154. This webpage will be your main source of information for this course. It will be updated frequently with announcements and assignments, so check back often. In particular, after homework is due, the solutions to it will be posted on this website.

Important information about the textbook, homework, and exams is on the Schedule and Syllabus page. Also there, you can find a calendar with the current information on important dates for this course.

Below you can find all homework assignments and any additional handouts.


  • Homework Assignment 1 (Due Oct 5) Solutions

    Based on Section 1.1 of HHM, parts of Part 1 and Part 4 of Ver            Download .pdf

  • Homework Assignment 2 (Due Oct 19) Solutions

    Based on parts of Sections 1.1-1.3 of HHM, parts of Part 4 of Ver            Download .pdf
    (New version posted October 9 to correct a typo in Question 3.)

  • Homework Assignment 3 (Due Nov 2) Solutions

    Based on parts of Sections 1.3-1.4 of HHM, parts of Part 1 of Ver            Download .pdf

  • Homework Assignment 4 (Due Nov 21) Solutions

    Based on parts of Section 2.4-2.5, 1.6 of HHM, and parts of Part 1 of Ver         Download .pdf

  • Homework Assignment 5 (Due Dec 7) Solutions

    Based on parts of Section 2.6 of HHM and Parts 2 and 3 of Ver. Download .pdf


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