UCSD Optimization and Data Science Seminar (Math 278C)

Wednesday 4-5pm, AP&M 2402 (unless specified)

This seminar gives talks in the broad area of Optimization and Data Science and various aspects, applications.

Don't forget to register Math 287C if you are a graduate student.

Fall Quarter, 2017

Date Speaker Title & Abstract
September 21 Yanfei Wang
Optimization in CT Imaging
October 11 Alex Cloninger
Two-sample Statistics and Distance Metrics Based on Anisotropic Kernels
October 18 Wenxin Zhou
Robust Estimation and Inference via Multiplier Bootstrap
October 25 Taylor Brysiewicz
The Degree of SO(n)
Nobember 1 Ruixue Zhao
(Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)
On a Global Complexity Bound of the Levenberg-Marquardt Method
Nobember 8 Piya Pal
Even Order Tensor Decomposition: Role of Sampling and Efficient Algorithms
Nobember 15 Eliz Wong
Reduced-Hessian methods for bound-constrained optimization
Nobember 29 Anna Seigal
(UC Berkeley)
Real Rank Two Geometry
December 6 Shiqian Ma
(UC Davis)
On the Convergence and Complexity of Nonconvex ADMM
December 7
(APM 5829)
Chunfeng Cui
(UC Santa Barbara)
Tensor Data Analysis and Applications

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