UCSD Optimization and Data Science Seminar (Math 278C)

Wednesday 4-5pm, AP&M 5402 (unless specified)

This seminar gives talks in the broad area of Optimization and Data Science and various aspects, applications.

Don't forget to register Math 287C if you are a graduate student.

Spring Quarter, 2017

Date Speaker Title & Abstract
April 5 Cedric Josz
Title: Complex Polynomial Optimization and Its Applications
April 12 John Rehbeck
Title: Polynomial Optimization and Game Theory
April 20
Thursday, AP&M 6402
Jong-Shi Pang
Title: On the pervasiveness of difference-convexity in optimization and statistics
April 27
Thursday, AP&M 6402
Levent Tuncel
(Univ. of Waterloo)
Title: Convex Optimization: A hierarchy of convex cones and new developments in primal-dual algorithms

May 3 Tamara Kolda
(Sandia Lab)
Title: Tensor Decompositions: A Mathematical Tool for Data Analysis

May 17 Piya Pal
Title: Structured Sampling for Covariance Compression

May 31 Shuxiong Wang
(UC Irvine)
Title: A low rank optimization based method for single cell data analysis

June 7 Shahrouz Alimo
Title: Delta-DOGS: efficient new data-driven global optimization approaches

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