UCSD Optimization and Data Science Seminar (Math 278C)

Wednesday 4-5pm, AP&M 7421 (unless specified)

This seminar gives talks in the broad area of Optimization and Data Science and various aspects, applications.

Don't forget to register for Math 287C if you are a graduate student.

Winter Quarter, 2017

Date Speaker Title & Abstract
January 11 Lawrence Fialkow
(SUNY, New Paltz)
Title: The core variety and representing measure in truncated moment problem.
January 13

3-4, AP&M 7421
Lawrence Fialkow
(SUNY, New Paltz)
Title: The core variety of a multisequence: some examples
January 25 Ke Ye
(University of Chicago)
Title: Tensor Network Ranks
February 2
12-1, AP&M 6402
Jiawang Nie
Title: Polynomial Optimization, Moment Problems and Tensor Computation
February 8 Jinling Zhao
(University of Science and Technology, Beijing)
Title: Semi-algebraic Split Feasibility Problem
February 15 Mark Iwen
(Michigan State University)
Title: Sparse Fourier Transforms: A General Framework with Extensions
February 22 Xin Liu
(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Title: A New First-order Framework for Orthogonal Constrained Optimization Problems
March 1 Eric Evert
Title: Extreme points of matrix convex sets
March 8 Anders Forsgren
Title: Explicit Optimization of Plan Quality Measures in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
March 15 Title: