Math 181E - Time Series  (Winter 2017)

Lecture: MWF 2pm at APM 2301


Instructor: Prof. Dimitris Politis
Tel.: 534-5861 Office: AP&M 5701
Office hours: MWF 10:30--11:30am or by appointment
Srinjoy Das
Office: AP&M   6436      Office hours: Thu 10--11am
Textbook Draft   by McElroy and Politis   Chapman and Hall.
Structure of the course The course will be based on student presentations of assigned chapters and HW problems. Attendance is crucial, as well as preparing ahead to make a good presentation (e.g., preparing simple notes).
When called upon to make a presentation, a student can decline (or be absent) at most 1-2 times per quarter without a negative repercussion on the final grade.
HW problems will be assigned every Friday, and collected 11 days later in Tuesday's session. During the week, HW problems will be presented (and discussed) in-class by the students.