Submitting solutions

As we said, we are thankful to any contrbition, no matter some initial terms or partial solution or related reference. Even for warm-up exercise, we are glad to receive solutions too. If you want to submit your solution, please include the number in the subject of your email. For example, for Exercise L or Problem 7, the subject of email should begin with [Exercise L] or [Problem 7]. If there is some questions about the problems, also put the subject in that way. Currently, Project P is maintained by Dun Qiu and e-mail address is projectp[AT]math[DOT]ucsd[DOT]edu. Thanks!

Submitting problems

People could post their own problems. Project P prefers new and challenging problems that are easily undertood. But before submitting your problems, please spend a second to consider the following questions.

  • Can the problem be stated in less than half page?
  • Is the solution to the problem an integer sequence?
  • Is the problem a combinatorial problem? Or does the problem have a combinatorial interpretation?

  • If you get three Yes, send an e-mail to projectp[AT]math[DOT]ucsd[DOT]edu with a subject beginning with [New Problem]. Thanks!

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