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My name is Ran Pan which means 'nature' in Chinese. My hometown is Yangzhou, China and now I live in La Jolla, California.

Currently I'm a fifth year Phd student at Department of Mathematics, University of California, San Diego. My advior is Jeff Remmel.

I obtained M.A. in Applied Mathematics from UC San Diego in 2014 and B.S. in Mathematics from Tongji University, Shanghai in 2012.

I like doing nonsense, waiting at the airport, missing the bus, doing laundry and kidding. I like exploring restaurants, cooking, and playing video games (strategy video games and sports video games). I love Warcraft 3 and still play with my firends in the Math department. I love XL Cities more than SimCity. I have to say most role-play games are boring but Trails in the Sky is a good one. Heroes of Might and Magic III is one of my favorite game which was released in 1999 but I still play in 2015! Football is my favorite sport and Manchester United is my favorite team because of David Beckham.